Membership Benefits

Insurance for RDTs

     Professional Individual Liability Insurance as mandated by BCCOHP Bylaws
     Lab Insurance
     Extended Health Insurance

Continuing Education

     Free Access to the yearly Pacific Dental Conference during the early bird registration.

     Highly discounted registration fee for the Vancouver Fall Spectrum Today Conference
     during  early bird registration

     Dental Technology Today – our own DTABC magazine in partnership with the Association
                                                 of Dental Technologists of Ontario (ADTO)
     Spectrum Magazine

Advocacy and public awareness

     DTABC represents members’ interests to government, professional organizations and
     raises the profile of the profession to the public. Currently the DTABC is working with other
     associations within the health profession to be ready to voice our issues and questions 
     regarding the new Bylaws and Health Act.

Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

     There are opportunities to participate in the governance process of the DTABC are
     numerous, whether as a committee member or chair, or in an elected position on the Board
     of Directors.

Classified Ads

     Free to all members to post Job ads or job wanted ads on the Job Board.
     It is a great place to seek new job opportunities!
     Sell dental lab items or labs in our Classified Ads.

Bonus Benefit

     River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond BC - Discounted rate for members only. Very
     conveniently located for our out-of-town members that want to go to the PDC or any other
     event or function in the lower mainland. This is a benefit that can be used year-round, even
     for personal travel.